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    Why join West Branch Susquehanna Builders Association?

    Because we're more than a trade association - AND - we're more than builders!  We are a community comprised of hard-working, trades- and business-minded individuals focused on business-to-business and business-to-consumer growth, community engagement, social responsibility, and securing economic opportunity through legislation and advocacy. We provide networking opportunities, advocate member-to-member business, provide tools and valuable resources for growth to hard-working small businesses, and secure futures through charitable giving and scholarship fundraising initiatives. PLUS.. as a member, you'll be introduced to leadership opportunities on local, state and national levels by serving on various committees and councils. Not to mention the great benefits and discounts that come with being a member!


    I'm not a builder, why are you interested in me?

    You don't need to be a builder to join... in fact, the majority of our members - more than 55% - are ASSOCIATES -- contractors and members of small and medium sized businesses that serve or supply the building and home industries and their workforces. You'll find everyone from mortgage/lending, landscaping, home interiors, retailers, recreational, electronics and media, designers, crafting and artisans, pet containment and supply, heavy equipment, automobile, music, and even health and wellness! And of course, those most closely affiliated with housing such as architects and engineers, electricians, HVAC/plumbing /mechanical, home exteriors, and more.


    Ok.. but how does the building and construction industry affect me and why would my membership make a difference?

    The relationship between the housing markets and economy is intertwined. Briefly, upward trends in the economy will realize growth in the housing sectors; likewise, housing sectors will answer to a sluggish economy. This is due to the impact that the economy has on two primary segments in the housing markets: housing starts and home sales. These trends impact affiliated markets such as raw materials, mortgages and lending, land purchases, and employment. When sluggish, there is tightening in the restrictions in lending, affecting money supply. The cause-effect of these cycles impacts each successive industry down to our local economies.

    Additionally, a portion of your dues go to the front lines of Harrisburg and Washington DC to help thwart legislation that is harmful to the industry, and to help establish pro-growth initiatives that stand to negatively impact local economies.

    I’m in. How do I join?

    You can fill out our online application, or you can download our printable version and submit.

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