• PA One-Call

    FREE FOR MEMBERS! Pennsylvania One Call System (811) = $125 annual savings!

    As you prepare to excavate, state law requires that you contact 8-1-1 or www.paonecall.org. Members have their annual $125 fee covered by the WBSBA. Here’s what members need to know:


    • Each calendar year when you contact 8-1-1 for the first time, you will receive an invoice for $125.

    • Forward your invoice to WBSBA via email. We will confirm your membership and send your invoice directly to PBA for payment.

    • You will not receive an invoice for additional use of the PA One Call System in the same calendar year, regardless of how often you use it.

    • Repeat the same process the first time you dig in the next calendar year!


    Contact Us for more information, or go online to pabuilders.org

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