• From the EO

  • Valerie-Komarnicki, Executive Officer
  • I’m very excited to serve as Executive Officer for West Branch Susquehanna Builders Association. As the EO, I have made it my mission to continuously learn about the members of West Branch Susquehanna Builders Association, its accomplishments, and goals. I appreciate working with the Board of Directors to continue tried and true practices that work, while always seeking new arenas for growth.

    My primary focus is on our members - to identify opportunities that will bolster and expand the organization’s offerings, increase awareness of industry challenges, and seek up-to-date solutions and options. Most importantly, I strive to enhance informational and educational opportunities that are relevant and focused on helping our member’s businesses develop, grow and succeed.

    I enjoy meeting, listening, and responding to our members. Without them, WBSBA would not exist, and the best way to show our appreciation is by providing them with member- and business-centric opportunities and resources that will help them grow and succeed.

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